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Stow Ductless Mini Split System Installation

Wherever ductwork is impractical, unnecessary or unfeasible, a ductless mini split system is the perfect solution to your home’s heating and cooling predicament.

At Four Seasons Comfort, we have been outfitting Stow homes with ductless mini split systems since 2015. Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience outfitting homes with all forms of HVAC systems, though we specialize in the installation of ductless mini split systems because they are more energy-efficient than the alternatives.

When you choose Four Seasons Comfort to outfit your Stow home with a new ductless mini split heating or cooling system, you’re not just making a choice to save more on your monthly energy bill—you’re choosing quality installation, courteous service, unparalleled attention to detail and maximum comfort in spring, summer, winter and fall. For a free estimate on our ductless mini split system installation, please call (978) 847-4240.

When you do call, please ask our staff about Mass Save and MassCEC rebates, as well as financing. At Four Seasons Comfort, your comfort goes beyond your home’s temperature. It also extends to your bank balance.


There are plenty of reasons why homeowners should consider opting for one of these small, flexible heating and cooling systems. As the name suggests, these machines are ductless therefore they require no ductwork. Because there are no additional fans, compressors or vents that need to be installed, the installation of a ductless mini split system is a much faster, cleaner and smoother process.

Thanks to our years of experience installing these types of systems, not only can we complete it quickly, but we also do it creatively to match your home’s interior design. These flexible machines can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush on a wall or secured to a baseboard.

Mini splits are also an attractive option for homeowners because of their energy saving qualities. Ducts can account for more than 30% of energy consumption. When you choose a ductless mini split system to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, you are making sure that your family enjoys all the comfort you’re paying for without waste.

Mitsubishi Ductless Units

Because Four Seasons Comfort is synonymous with exceptional service, we make sure we only use the best materials. These ductless mini split units are the standard which all other models are compared to. They are the most reliable units on the market year after year, which is why we wouldn’t even consider outfitting your home with anything else.

Trust the Professionals

Although a quick Google search may have you thinking this is a job you can do yourself, trusting the professionals is always the safest thing to do. Not only do we guarantee to get the job done right at a quick pace and affordable rate, we also promise to service the equipment once it’s installed. When you choose Four Seasons Comfort, your comfort is cared for all year long.

Call (978) 847-4240 to find out what we can do for your Stow home today.